Some Links (Quintessential Caracal Edition)

There was some sun today, whee! Typing words, not really the best way for human beings to communicate. Meditation on a mustache. Riding around in style. More typing, so much typing.

Ghost Devices by Simon Bucher-Jones. I have never have been able to track down a copy of this fascinating sounding SF novel.

I really dig this blurry fantastical sci-fi art by Alexandre Diboine.

Rudy Rucker meditates on how science fiction can help you think about and illuminate possibilities in the world.

A list of seven of Jorge Luis Borges’ favorite short stories. I know I want to read them all. Just have to remember to.

Because I’m a very silly person, a few years ago I spent about a year listening to nearly all of these 1001 albums.


Some Links (Eery Caracal Edition)

Spears are just sticks with knives stuck on the end. They seem to be a lot more fun to twirl though. A short bus ride to delight. Sometimes you’re in the captain’s chair and those VR buttons are just a little hard to reach.

A funny take on X-Men #1.

Lots of translations of the Tao Te Ching side-by-side.

It’s a picture of everything. I think this is an accurate description.

Omniglot. It’s a linguistic cornucopia!

“Cookie Monster” by Vernor Vinge. A fun little SF short story.

Some Links (Vindicated Caracal Edition)

Desert peacocks. Also, 79 cent palm trees as tall as the sky. CDs for everyone. I woke up way too early that one time and then napped all day. Some quiet time best filled with reading.

I read this book, Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama, and I only had to look up how to spell his name three times. Made for a good airplane book. Long enough, not too heavy.

Dicey Dungeons, a fun little browser-based dungeon crawl game.

“When You’re Autistic, Abuse Is Considered Love”. Worth a read.

Silence is HARD. Especially when you’re standing in front of thousands and thousands of people. Watch the whole thing.

There’s nothing else I want to link to today.

Some Links (Creeping Caracal Edition)

I saw Hamilton last night! It’s the best. Funny hair all day, accidentally. Good cosmic news. Less car yelling than some other times. Sometimes it’s tough getting those books back to the library on time.

This guy writes about playing D&D with his kids. I can get behind that.

Someone’s trying a little too hard to be Superman. (While I’m in-between “word books” I often read some comic books. In this case, Batman.) Oh yeah, don’t forget Gotham Girl.

I really like this Twitter account that posts 70s SF art. (They have a Tumblr too, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

A delightful little essay about lexicographers and profanity.

Dorothy Thompson “Who Goes Nazi?” Harsh but fair.


Some Links (Convenient Caracal Edition)

The sun came out and everyone’s blinking, including the cherry blossoms. Tonight: Hamilton! Last night: poetical ruminations on moon conspiracies and Grendel’s ma.

Infographics on “possible tech-induced cognitive-behavioural disorders”.

“The 5:22” by George Harrar. I loved this sweet, gentle story about commuting on a train that LeVar Burton Read.

Slow Burn. There’s so much to learn about Watergate. I had never even heard of Wright Patman.

Hamilton! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s been dropping these Hamilton-related tracks. Good stuff.

An essay on maps of unreal, fantastical places.

Some Links (Sassy Binturong Edition)

When the tears flow like wine, we’re all just kind of bummed out, I guess. Sometimes you can’t fix a think that’s broke, you can only hide it in the closet. A showdown over corned beef.

Delightful tiny wooden machines by Kazuaki Harada.

Pretty great interview with Michael B. Jordan.

Patrick Stuart is one of the most astoundingly creative writers around. Several months ago, he started doing a read through and report of The Faerie Queen. It’s great! Here’s the first post on that.

I’m a huge Jeff VanderMeer fan and these are the books he liked in 2017. Seems like a pretty great list!

I dig the look of this game, Songbringer. (Fun fact: My kid hates the look of these retro-style games.)

Some Links (Groovy Binturong Edition)

When lying in bed til 830 feels like a blissful indulgence. Harry Potter movie 6 is maybe a little too intense. How many happy hours can you fit in a day. Who knows what free will even means?

This is a pretty great short animated film. Especially if you’re into D&D. It’s very funny. Worth 10 minutes of your time.

I just finished reading The Secret Country trilogy by Pamela Dean. It’s pretty unusual, in that her fantasy world doesn’t just feel like our world ported over with some magical junk slapped on. Characters make choices for culturally alien reasons. I dug them.

Multnomah County Library put together a pretty slick site for browsing their Best Book of 2017.

About six months ago I read this book by Daniel Polansky called A City Dreaming. Excellent, excellent. Know what else’s excellent? The way he writes about the books he reads. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll find a great book to read.

Speaking of recommendations, Recomendo seems pretty intriguing.

Some Links (Gregarious Binturong Edition)

Ben Tolman’s got a real MC Escher sorta vibe. I dig it. (Heard about him on the excellent We Eat Art podcast.)

Library custodians used to live in the NY Public Library. This is a delightful little story by this man who grew up in NYPL. Charming.

The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses is an excellent work of literary, biographical, and legal history that digs deep into the impact Ulysses had in the creation of our modern free speech rights.

Bruce Sterling talks at SXSW. Haven’t listened to it yet, but he’s always an interesting listen.

Looks like babies can reason logically much earlier than anyone thought. Neat!

Some Links (Beleaguered Binturong Edition)

Twin Peaks is the Twin Peaks-iest. I thought about reading for a while, but instead I poked around on the internet. I’m reminded that Facebook is the worst. C’mon cosmic mojo! It’s a weird week and it’s only Tuesday (Wednesday?).

I picked up this book, UNIVERSAL HARVESTER, from the library based on this blogpost about it. Which I found by noodling around on the internet.

Counterfeit Monkey. A text adventure game. Sort of like THE PRISONER. Only it’s chockablock full of wordplay and puns. If you’re into that kind of thing.

“Folly is a more dangerous enemy to the good than evil.” The rest of this Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote is worth reading.

No one does worst-case scenarios like science fiction writers. If you want some doom and gloom, Charlie Stross serves up a pretty big dose.

Back in the early aughts, I played this weird puzzle game called THE STONE. Someone’s recreated it entirely here.

Some Links (Unblinking Axolotl Edition)

The smoke blew away in the wind and the rain. No Mary Poppins though. Some people were reading books but I couldn’t quite see the covers. Damn. A lot of hustle and bustle while staying in one place. Some accordion is being played. Somewhere. (I know where.)

Prospect: This SF movie looks pretty great.

This Bowie Book Club podcast predates the #bowiebookclub on Twitter. I’ll get around to listening to some of this eventually.

An article about the language of Easter Island. Can’t get much more esoteric and weird than that!

Powell’s Books staff all do a top five books every year. Here’s 2017. There’s a ton of books! Pretty sure you can find something you’ll like in here.

I’ve been trying out this Mastodon thing a little bit here. It’s interesting. I’m not really sure I understand or if it’ll catch on. But it’s sort of fun noodling around with it. This ones sort of a book chat instance called Bookwitty.