Chick… chick… chicken! crow the

Chick… chick… chicken!
crow the lancy tornado, chicken!
chicken, walk the lake of fire twisting, chicken!
chicken, peck now!
chicken: dooooom to you chickenchicken!
or is it dooooom to you nonchicken fromchicken?
coarse and icky ships a’sailing, chicken
flying dutchman lurked with chickenghost
ware ware his flashing eyes, his floating stare
beaked and red and pink and scary: doom
chicken wattle run from here!
you are no sincerely rooster crowing
beware the shuffling egglaying one
chick… chick… Chicken!
doom to you who dares defy, dares to cry
dares to fly above, beyond the sty!
flap flap, chicken, hatch hatch, chicken
what will crawl from out your shell?
when the black ichor oozing
spatters acid on your nose
to scrape the sight from out your eye
doom doom doom bedoom the chicken
pounding, scratching on the drumdrumdrum
note well the tired…
to be free
let them be
that chicken.