I’m posting this because it happened in Portland (where I live)

This is a heart-breaking article about the disgusting mistreatment of a man and his pregnant wife at the Portland’s local ‘terror space’.

It is worth standing up for people who are mistreated in this fashion. Either we, the people, own and create the space that we live in, or the ‘little-man’ power freaks do.

arguing the delicious point of time and space

inveigling, sadly, down the stairs, yo ho. it’s all one. i’m sorry, did you say something? what’s to be done? are the cornflowers real? or do they have a square or garish moonstake? interposing the diamond gear around the halo (hat, belt, burten, cloak and sandals), fetch that gladsome help.

or don’t. yousee. don’tyousee. clipped wings and waterbellowing: keep us earthbound and walloping.