Found Note to Self #4

+armadillos creeping in to take over SW military installation–under whose direction?

+magic coffee which causes people to never sleep–hence, sleep deprivation, hence, hallucination and other assorted sleeplessness related dementia

+but who could be protagonists?
—–mushroom farmer (“ordinary” mushrooms) in the sewers of… NY(?) Cleveland(?) Albuquerque(?) London(?)
——Lion tamer from Scandinavia
albino, afraid of rats (weasels? rodents?) and parrots. why? agents of…
——Scapparah, King of the Indies. S. wears a crown with a duck, seven stars, a pentlaganet, several South American diseases/parasites, loves scrabble and other wordgames, has 17 children of 14 wives/concubines etc. (maybe he’s the emperor of the Indies?)

Found note to self #1

afternoon taffies in the sun/heat

Realism but include morality play chars—->
Delectible Temptation,
etc etc]
Punch, Judy, et al
Revenge tragedy
bedroom farce
lots of “doorways”–no doors?
lots of rushing about/props “backstage”
only what? notihng btwn audience/backstage
needs to be funny, not stopping
oh, perhaps Horus could show up,
deliver some milk
Set could be a dogcatcher
How much can I cram into one thing?

Who knew A’s true name?