we all are dancing firecrackers

we all are dancing firecrackers
keep that match from out our faces!
creep creep forward into night flowers
watch those candles burn: smell their effervescence

you all are mangled hornpipes,
those expended bladders in the wind
I mean, bagpipes not hornpipes
blow your drowning bladder drones
watch our eyelids quiver
we all can’t turn away from your satisfaction
(when in the silence of care, why?
why do the caves of silence echo?)

badwings flutter against the moon’s sweet curves
goodwings flow ice across the loch
the depths entrance us all
we all gaze into the greeny darkness
badwings shriek get caught in our hair

we all spend our time crying in the night
you all just whirl a crazy dreamtune

when care fills the belly
jelly’s all we can stomach