I imagine some kids got into reading comics through Superman or Batman or the X-Men. Not me, man! I got into all those tights-wearing super-heroes much later in the game.

I got started reading comics with The Picture Bible, that 800-page comical behemoth–containing both Old and New Testaments (but none of the sex and gore!). (The only thing that saved me–heh–was a heaping dose of Tintin and Capn HaddockCigars of the Pharaoh was an eye-opener, let me tell you!)

Oh my, I’m realizing now that I read a bunch of these Jack Chick comics, invariably while hanging out at other people’s houses. I think I had radar for anything in comic book format. I couldn’t get enough.

Anyway, what got me going on all of this was Valmiki’s Ramayana, a comical treatment of a Hindu text. The artistic style flashed me back to the bible comic (except for the blue skin, of course).

Have I read this before?… almost seems as…

Google conquers the world…. RAWRRR!

Thought Lion might be interested in this. He’s got all sorts of wacky things going on that I sort of understand. Local Names is one of ’em. I’d implement that sucker, if I had a WordPress weblog in action. (I tried to get WordPress going; wasn’t pretty; so much for the five minute install.)

(Google thing via this charming nostradomification for 2005.)