Amabuddy… ama(zon)buddy?

Wow. Amabuddy rocks my world.

Not that I really ever buy books anymore, being a poor student and all.

What I want (but have no idea how to construct, dammit!) is something like this that I could call that would place a hold for a book that I see at a bookstore at the nearest library. Maybe I’ll talk to these amabuddy guys about that…

One thought on “Amabuddy… ama(zon)buddy?”

  1. A friend pointed us your way :-) Let us know on our blog and we may build it. Better still drop us a line at amabuddy AT gmail dot com. At the moment we are looking at tieing what Jon Udell has done with Amabuddy so you could look up if its available in the local library. Anyway let us know…. cheers

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