Some Bands

Scrabb Puhtaytozz and the Frabby Bunch — Scrabb rocks hard on his wail guitar while the Frabby Bunch provide backing vocals and twenty-three different percussive mechanical sounds. Check out Scrabb in his velvet jumpsuit! Check out Scrabb in his frantic jodhpurs! Check out Scrabb in his one-strap overalls! Check that moppy hair, the sixteen inch platform shoes, the sneering mechanical moustache! You won’t stop dancing even after the music ends, courtesy of the parasitic earworms provided gratis at every Scrabb Putaytozz and the Frabby Bunch performance!

Nuelis Clav and the Extradimensional Choir — Which one is Nuelis Clav? No one knows. She’s one of the Extradimensional Choir, but no one knows which one, only that her heavenly voice hits highs and lows that will have your brain gasping for more. Trip out to the melodies and harmonies this choir provides. You may be put off by their identical bald heads and shapeless infrared robes, but don’t fret. Once they open their mouths and sing, you’ll be seeing stars.

Bagby Jones — What can we say about Bagby Jones? He’s got an acoustic guitar and a cheap plugin amp. We can’t actually remember anything about his music (nor can anyone we interviewed) but we just know we really have to hear him play again. Really. We’ll pay good money if you know when and where he’s playing again.

Glamera — Glamera’s the diva’s diva. (For real, we spotted Cincy Kidd and Blondette at her last show, fangirling out.) She can belt a tune and dance her ass off. If you don’t have fun at a Glamera show, you are LITERALLY a corpse, and even then… Good luck getting into one of her shows, though. She’s sold out for the next 400 years.