I imagine some kids got into reading comics through Superman or Batman or the X-Men. Not me, man! I got into all those tights-wearing super-heroes much later in the game.

I got started reading comics with The Picture Bible, that 800-page comical behemoth–containing both Old and New Testaments (but none of the sex and gore!). (The only thing that saved me–heh–was a heaping dose of Tintin and Capn HaddockCigars of the Pharaoh was an eye-opener, let me tell you!)

Oh my, I’m realizing now that I read a bunch of these Jack Chick comics, invariably while hanging out at other people’s houses. I think I had radar for anything in comic book format. I couldn’t get enough.

Anyway, what got me going on all of this was Valmiki’s Ramayana, a comical treatment of a Hindu text. The artistic style flashed me back to the bible comic (except for the blue skin, of course).

2 thoughts on “Ramayana”

  1. When my wife and I, before she was my wife, went to a state park to inquire at the only information office there whether or not people could get married there, the woman behind the desk was reading that comic book bible thing. I was pretty astounded. I was further astounded when she was totally dumbstruck by our question, unable to even give us a hint as to what we might need to do to get married there. “Well, I… I’ve never heard of anyone getting married here!” she said.

    Which was odd, as we later found out it’s a common place to get married. We also later found out that my mother knows the lady; but she couldn’t tell me why the lady would be reading that particular comic book bible while sitting at an information desk handing out anything but information.

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