Have I read this before?… almost seems as…

Google conquers the world…. RAWRRR!

Thought Lion might be interested in this. He’s got all sorts of wacky things going on that I sort of understand. Local Names is one of ’em. I’d implement that sucker, if I had a WordPress weblog in action. (I tried to get WordPress going; wasn’t pretty; so much for the five minute install.)

(Google thing via this charming nostradomification for 2005.)

2 thoughts on “Have I read this before?… almost seems as…”

  1. Yep! Seen that one before.

    It’s a good introduction to the Semantic Web as well.

    Five minute install: Only if you already have Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed already… (And know how to use it.) In that case, it’s a five minute install. Otherwise: Watch out!

  2. Well, one of these days I’ll find something that you haven’t seen (related to the semantic web thingy!)

    Five minute install: I tried to set WordPress up on my server at school; I installed the MySQL fine, but there’s something about the PHP setup that’s got me beat. I know it can be done; because other UW students have done it. I just haven’t bothered to contact one of them yet.

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