Some Links (Quintessential Caracal Edition)

There was some sun today, whee! Typing words, not really the best way for human beings to communicate. Meditation on a mustache. Riding around in style. More typing, so much typing.

Ghost Devices by Simon Bucher-Jones. I have never have been able to track down a copy of this fascinating sounding SF novel.

I really dig this blurry fantastical sci-fi art by Alexandre Diboine.

Rudy Rucker meditates on how science fiction can help you think about and illuminate possibilities in the world.

A list of seven of Jorge Luis Borges’ favorite short stories. I know I want to read them all. Just have to remember to.

Because I’m a very silly person, a few years ago I spent about a year listening to nearly all of these 1001 albums.


2 thoughts on “Some Links (Quintessential Caracal Edition)”

    1. Whoah! Thanks for commenting! You just commented on (maybe) the oldest, least read weblog! :)
      I’m not in the UK, which is probably why I had a tough time tracking it down.

      Shoot, I’m happy to buy a used copy. :)

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