Some Links (Groovy Binturong Edition)

When lying in bed til 830 feels like a blissful indulgence. Harry Potter movie 6 is maybe a little too intense. How many happy hours can you fit in a day. Who knows what free will even means?

This is a pretty great short animated film. Especially if you’re into D&D. It’s very funny. Worth 10 minutes of your time.

I just finished reading The Secret Country trilogy by Pamela Dean. It’s pretty unusual, in that her fantasy world doesn’t just feel like our world ported over with some magical junk slapped on. Characters make choices for culturally alien reasons. I dug them.

Multnomah County Library put together a pretty slick site for browsing their Best Book of 2017.

About six months ago I read this book by Daniel Polansky called A City Dreaming. Excellent, excellent. Know what else’s excellent? The way he writes about the books he reads. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll find a great book to read.

Speaking of recommendations, Recomendo seems pretty intriguing.

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