Some Links (Sassy Binturong Edition)

When the tears flow like wine, we’re all just kind of bummed out, I guess. Sometimes you can’t fix a think that’s broke, you can only hide it in the closet. A showdown over corned beef.

Delightful tiny wooden machines by Kazuaki Harada.

Pretty great interview with Michael B. Jordan.

Patrick Stuart is one of the most astoundingly creative writers around. Several months ago, he started doing a read through and report of The Faerie Queen. It’s great! Here’s the first post on that.

I’m a huge Jeff VanderMeer fan and these are the books he liked in 2017. Seems like a pretty great list!

I dig the look of this game, Songbringer. (Fun fact: My kid hates the look of these retro-style games.)

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