Some Links (Screaming Binturong Edition)

(Silly, binturong’s don’t scream. They just silently judge you.) One thing I don’t like: screaming in the car, whether joyous or otherwise. A Wrinkle in Time was pretty good, although maybe a bit too intense for the younger set. Portland’s got some weird energy today.

If you want to keep tabs on all the weird Portland shenanigans going down. Some of them are pretty intense/sad. Others, just bizarre.

I really liked the King of Dragon Pass game. So much reading! This one looks good too.

Thought I’d look into this ProtonMail thing. Might be time to get off the Gmail bandwagon…

This book, Puckoon by Spike Milligan, is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Also, there’s something to offend everyone, pretty much. Brilliant. Found it through the Bowie Bookclub.

My Life as a Background Slytherin is a pretty delightful Harry Potter webcomic strip.

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