That One Time on the Glorious Veranda

(Or was it an esplanade?)

[Jorge Luis Borges failed to appear at the appointed time, so he has been replaced with a “double”. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any complaints, please leave your comments with Floyd, our janitor who is also doubling as our PR expert. Floyd really knows how to clean up a mess! Messes of all kinds really. Don’t be alarmed if you see mustard in his mustache. He does love mustard, our Floyd, to an alarming degree. Can’t get enough of it. It’s a reality that, when you put too much mustard in a sandwich, some of that mustard is bound to arrive elsewhere than its intended location, eg, trousers, vest, mustache, tablecloth. Granted, Floyd’s response rate may be a little slow. But there’s something to be said for the personal touch! Oh, and also, if Floyd is wearing his purple hat, please don’t address him as Floyd. When he’s wearing his purple hat, his “thinking cap”, if you will, Floyd likes to be referred to by his mother’s maiden name, Yuschchzloos (pron. Ooofloi). Also, please don’t be alarmed by Floyd’s long toe nails. He cut holes in the toes of his boots so they could “all hang out” (not a direct quote), so to speak. If you have technical questions, you’re in luck! Floyd is also our resident “answer man” (not a direct quote), and he loves giving people answers! Please to enjoy your regularly scheduled “Borges” experience.]

“Jorge Luis Borges” sipped his coffee on the veranda.

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