Monkeying Around with Monkeys

(But how many exactly?)

Sancho Panza, long suffering Sancho Panza, loyal and steadfast Sancho Panza, voluminous and exasperated Sancho Panza, rolled his eyes and sighed. Don Quixote stood atop a barrel. The barrel from which all their current problems originated.

“O! Let no man say that Don Quixote turned away in the moment of need. Let no man say that Don Quixote spurned a request for aid, a plea for succor, a beseechelment for help! I say to you, good people of Monskeygromzelvania, your words of woe fall not on deaf ears, for the ears of Don Quixote hear sounds of all sorts, the buzzing of gnats, the clambering of spiders on the mantel place, the groaning and stomping of giants with the toothache. O! sorry people of this town, I, Don Quixote, slayer of ogres, eater of sandwiches, and lifter up of the betrodden and bespectacled, I shall rid you of this pestilential infestation of rogues and scoundrels! No villain shall be safe before me! No ne’er-do-well will fail to scamper from my presence!”

The monkeys rolled about, scratching and biting one another. Doing all the grotesque things monkeys do. The fake Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra peeked from behind a tree, scribbling furiously away into a tiny notebook.

Sancho Panza tried to grab his hat back from the monkey that had stolen it.

Don Quixote leapt down from the barrel he’d been standing on, and fixed his wheeling gaze upon a monkey peeling a banana. “Mayor Dos de la Tres! I am at your service!” Don Quixote curled into a low bow, and his tin pot helmet fell off his head. The monkey took a bite of the banana. “Alas! Alack! etc. No town should be made to suffer so much as yours have at the hands of Los Malvodos Hermanos! I go to defeat these implacable foes!”

Sancho Panza finally managed to get his hat back, only to find a monkey on his back.

The real Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra leapt from the tree and landed atop the fake Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. “Scoundrel! Villain! Faker!” They struggled for a bit.

Don Quixote strode off into the distance. Sancho Panza hurried after, still bemonkeyed.

The real Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra tore the tiny notebook into even tinier pieces.

“Ha!” the real Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra said.

The monkeys did some more monkey things.

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