Max Stories: The Watercat

It’s a funny thing. There was this cat who liked to swim. His name was Watercat. Sistercat said, “But don’t you hate it when water gets in your eyes when you get your hair washed?” And Watercat said, “No. I just close my eyes up tight and the water doesn’t get in there.” And Sistercat said, “But when you go swimming in the pool, how do you see with your eyes shut tight?” Watercat said, “When I go swimming in the pool, I wear swimming goggles.” So Watercat took his swimming goggles and his swimming shorts and went to the swimming pool. First, he went to the locker room, and he put on his swimming shorts and his swimming goggles. Then he took a cleaning off shower. Watercat walked very carefully and slowly around the pool until he got to the high diving board. He waited patiently for his turn, and then climbed carefully up up up up the ladder to the top of the diving board. At the edge of the diving board, Watercat looked way way down, and he was scared a little bit, and excited a little bit. And then he jumped, and dove way way down, and landed in the water with a big splash that got everyone wet. But in the water there was a scary monster. The scary monster chased Watercat. Watercat swam as fast as he could and jumped out of the water. It’s a good thing Watercat could swim so fast.


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