Max Stories: Bill the Monkey and Bob the Dog (Part N)

Bill the Monkey said, “Let’s go flying today. What do you want to fly?” Bob the Dog said, “Let’s go flying in pigeons.” So they went looking for pigeons. They found one on the street, and went flying with him. They flew to a castle, and then they played with a ping pong ball and paddle, but the bird flew away with their ping pong ball. The bird had a bag with a scary monster in it. The scary monster lived in the bag, because it was his house. The pigeon shook the bag to get the scary monster to come out. When it did, it looked all around for a snack. When it found a snack, it went back to its bag.


2 thoughts on “Max Stories: Bill the Monkey and Bob the Dog (Part N)”

  1. Are these stories you’re making up for Max, or is Max making them up, or….well, what are these? I like em, but I’m confused.

    I’m easily confused :)

  2. We’re both kind of making them up. He tells me what he wants me to tell him a story about, and then he tells me what he wants to happen. I add some stuff to kind of tie it all together. It’s a collective effort.

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