Max Stories: So Many Rockets

There were lots of scary monster rockets. I can’t remember much about them, except that they liked chocolate. They did NOT land on a chocolate planet, but they did keep chocolate around for snacks. They would fly all around, and when they met each other they would say things like, “Hello scary monster rocket, how do you do?” and “I’m doing very well, thank you. And yourself?”

On Earth, there was a rocket in the junkyard. One day, a boy walked by and saw the rocket in the junkyard. The rocket was lonely. The little boy ran to get all of his friends, and the painted the rocket red. Bright red. And then they took the rocket home.

The rocket said, “We can all go flying in outer space now!” but the boy said, no. They had something else to do. But I can’t remember what that was, because I think I fell asleep.

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