Max Stories: The Hippo and the Toucan

Once there was a hippo. He was round, and had big flat teeth. A scary monster came around and said, “Rawr!” The hippo was scared and ran away. The scary monster chased the hippo. The hippo ran fast, but the scary monster ran faster. The hippo was so scared, that he climbed a tree. Even with his flat, flat feet, he climbed up a tree. But the scary monster climbed up right after him. At the top of the tree, the scary monster ate the hippo. He even ate the hippo’s flat, flat teeth. A toucan flew by. A beautiful toucan. The toucan saw the scary monster, and was scared a little bit. The toucan flew away. The scary monster changed to look like a toucan, and he said, “Hello toucan!” The toucan flew over to the scary monster and said, “You’re a beautiful toucan.” The toucan and the scary monster ate some peanuts and a banana.



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