Smile on the Void: the Mythhistory of Ralph M’Botu Kitaj (5)

…we are free, we are terrifyingly free, which is why we’re still shut up on this planet, deliberately ignoring what we truly see…because we’re scared to be free. Yet we have more possibilities and powers than any of us have ever imagined. Look at history. There are natural forces from which we grew estranged during the development of the intellect. We turned collectively from the Mother to the Father and the moon to the sun, from the earth to the sky and the gut to the brain. Losses and gains, learnings and forgettings–but there has been an increase. One cycle, one age has been completed, a new spiral up the ladder is beginning, and on this one we have to take charge of ourselves. Yet still we fight against out own innate freedom and power, and people still ask to be given everything on a plate. Some of them, anyway.

The smile grew wide.

The trouble is…that the survival and evolutionary value of a sense of humor is not fully appreciated. The sense of paradox and inner flexibility that gives us space to move in. People don’t laugh enough! But laughter can free us from the bonds of matter. It releases the consrictions in the body-field. And people talk of ‘dissolving into laughter’. Don’t you think that’s very suggestive?

–Stuart Gordon, 1981

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