The grey bubble of a mind in slow decay

shiny slick with rainbow patterns but doomed

convexing them into looming geometries

no one has a nose that big, nor eyebrows!

Quick: apply the sushi flavored band-aid

Once full of words that brimmed out

dictionary + scissors + rage = tatters

matchless before the timesweeping tide

out, broom! we’ll need your services no more, today

Words unspoken clamor about the candleflame.

Grinning now, the teeth have eaten

though food now puddles on the floor

incandescence blazing in the closet

lighting lonely coats and scarves

Have you reset the icebox?

Stomach growls, hungry for novelty

the gut disagrees, bellowing

(the gut of the mind that is)

“no more gumdrops, dewlips, crab cakes!”

If you don’t have enough for everyone, don’t bother

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