Smile on the Void: the Mythhistory of Ralph M’Botu Kitaj (4)

Control of the energy of thought…The old dualism is dead. The entire Right Wing-Left Wing system. Just two monolithic lies propping each other up over a chasm. Two adjacent fingers of the same hand, in the same game, waving at each other as though they were opposites. Likewise all the other nineteenth-century reductionist rationalist fixations we’re still using as concept structure to hide in and fight about. Don’t you know? Sure you do! Politics of evolution. Some want to take the blinkers off and see more. Others want to keep them on and make sure everyone else does the same. Politics. And people who try taking the blinkers off all see different things, and start arguing about what’s the real description. More politics. Right now in this time we have to be asking the questions that matter–the big-time questions that’ll turn us to an overall view and some plan to know what the hell to do with this planet and ourselves. Because if we don’t, soon it’s all jackshit.

–Stuart Gordon, 1981

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