Smile on the Void: the Mythhistory of Ralph M’Botu Kitaj (3)

For a long time now information has been streaming into this world, into our varied minds, important information, from sources beyond our planetary system. The information itself is clear enough, but reception here has been poor. We have been picking it up in confused and incomplete form. One person intuits one part of the jigsaw, another picks up another, but few realize how the pieces fit, and false religion results.

Our names were called out long ago. We have taken many partners. We have danced many dances. We have made many patterns and worn many disguises–but now it is time to take off the masks and integrate, for the bell is tolling, we have little time, we have now to form a new realization of what we are and act on this realization–or we will die uselessly, and the planet will dance no more. We are here to stand as individuals, we are here to come together with our pieces of the jigsaw, we are here to admit and harness the powers that flow through us…for we are the Transformers of the world, and can decide the shape of things on earth.

–Stuart Gordon, 1981

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