The Parrot Who Knew a Million Words

Once there was a parrot who knew a million words. Problem was, it never stopped talking. Also, did I mention it had the most beautiful feathers of red and yellow and green and purple. But no orange. This parrot went through owners like no one’s business, because it kept talking and talking and talking and talking. People got pretty tired of it or just died. For the most part, it was all just gibberish. Every now and then, the parrot would throw in the secret to life, the universe, and lots of other stuff. No one caught it, though, because there were just Too Many Words. The parrot was secretly satisfied by this. It had to take what it could get: it was gonna live 120 years.

Moral: When most of your words are meaningless and there are a lot of them, it’s pretty easy to conceal the real story.

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