The Camel’s Case

Once there was a camel–his name was Gerry–and he had this case. It was an accordion case. Not because it had an accordion in it, but because thick on both ends, thick in the middle, and all the rest of it was thin. He wasn’t really sure what was in there. He found some socks in there once and an old candy bar. Everywhere he went, he took that darn case. He just couldn’t seem to set it down.

Once, he saw a snake carrying a case. (Don’t ask me how.) It was a python, which is an irrelevant but amusing detail. The python’s case was really thin. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see where the case fastener was. It all sort of bled together.

Another time, he saw a giraffe carrying a case. The giraffe’s case was really tall. The camel couldn’t figure out how it opened either. Or even where the giraffe ended and the case began.

By contrast, everyone (the giraffe, the snake, the bandit) understood intuitively how to open the camel’s case.

Moral: If you’re gonna stick a bunch of things in a case, use the Camel’sCase every time.

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