The Grasshopper and the Lion Tamer

One day this grasshopper was hopping around and landed on the brow of a sturdy lion tamer.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” the lion tamer cried, sweat curling his luscious locks.

“Come plaaaay!” the grasshopper said. “The sun is warm and all the swans are gamboling and frolicking in the fens and meadows. Not to mention, we’re having this fantastic brunch later.”

“Argh!” the lion tamer groaned, as his XML continued not to parse correctly. Unbeknownst to the lion tamer, he’d left himself open to an XML exploit.

The grasshopper had a great time.

Winter came. The lion tamer shivered in the cold, exploited by the elements and some guy in Russia. The grasshopper and his friends sat inside, having a marvelous brunch.

Moral: Don’t write your own parser!

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