The Moon’s Long Long Legs

(But are there shoes?)

The moon pirouetted on its long long legs. No one saw, of course. They were two busy looking elsewhere. The moon stood on its head and danced round and round about.

Alister Frungible McGillicuddy forgot to look at his phone for just a sec, felt his eyes accidentally drift moonward. We all make mistakes you know? His socks bounced off his feet. A bit later, he realized his mistake, and returned his focus back to reality. “Forks!” he sighed, glaring into his idea pipe.

Sintheria Troilus Verity laughed at a pretty picture and tripped on a slowly, oh so slowly, upflung tree root. Man, this gag had been in the works for years! The oak chortled slowly over the next three weeks, so she never heard it. Lying on her back, gazing up through the branches, she watched the moon do an electric slide. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. When she awoke, the sun shone bright through her dewy eyelashes.

The moon sighed, put on its nightcap, and sank deeply into bed, its feet sticking out the end. It dreamed of brachiosaurs and ankylosaurs, flittering and glittering with moon dust as they leaped high and slowly through the air. A giant robot mouse took a large bite out of the moon. The moon dashed loose and unmoored through the vasty reaches of the galaxy. The earth looked on, shedding a single brilliant tear. The moon smiled in its sleep.

Ballet shoes rotated slowly in space.

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