Tesla Plants Geraniums

(Or was it chrysanthemums?)

Nikola Tesla wearied of AC and death rays, and decided to plant some orchids. However, they all died. Death rays do not make for very good heat lamps, it would seem. Nikola Tesla had caught the bug, though, and continued on, planting marigolds, tulips, and daffadownlillies.

All the other inventors laughed through their noses as they divebombed the novice gardener in their flying velocipedes. Nikola Tesla, in his three-piece suit, gone a bit rummy at the knees, and boater hat, ignored all their jeers and mockery. Or tried to. It’s tough being an eccentric former inventor, apparently. In spite of his best effort, a single tear rolled down his cheek to disappear into his voluminous mustache.

“I’ll show them,” Nikola Tesla said, clenching his fists inside his slightly too large gardening gloves.

Six months later, all the other inventors were buying their flowers from Tesla’s flower shop, Nik’s Flower Shop. It was Mother’s Day and all the inventors had forgotten, until the last minute!

Nikola Tesla laughed and laughed until he heard that Thomas Alva Edison was opening up a flower shop on the other side of town, that scoundrel!

Nikola Tesla and his shop vanished in a flash of voltage.

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