Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • @HillaryJacques Awww shucks in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @instapaper Running iOS 4.2.1 on an old 3G. Can't keep Instapaper from crashing. Get the sense I'm out of luck. True? #
  • @bvanderveen Well, for me, the margins are broken with Firefox + vertical tabs…. So sad. Have to put together some kind of hack to fix. in reply to bvanderveen #
  • HABIBI by Craig Thompson: Wow. He's come a long way since BLANKETS… #
  • THE TWELFTH ENCHANTMENT by David Liss: That giant tortoise is TOTALLY the rifle on the mantelpiece! #
  • Send positive thoughts Max's way on his first day at a new school! #SMAtuS #
  • Don't play air hockey with Alice. She will CRUSH you. Fair warning. #SMAtuS #
  • Alice: Penguins! I want to snuggle them! #SMAtuS #
  • Note to self: Treasure this moment! Alice would rather hang out with me than with her friends! Hotcha! #SMAtuS #
  • In one way, the Google Reader redesign is a good thing. I'm far more productive now that I've stopped using it… #
  • @HillaryJacques It's pretty bad… Just aesthetically displeasing. So much so that I don't really want to use it. in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE by B Sanderson: A woman as fantasy novel protagonist? Well, bless my stars! The love interest is hapless to boot! #
  • Oh yeah, forgot to tag that last as #fridayreads (Mistborn v1 by Brandon Sanderson) #
  • Had a dream/nightmare last night about economic catastrophe consuming the world, woke up relieved it was just a dream… oh wait. #SMAtuS #
  • == the best way to discover new music since the early days of eMusic. Check it out! #
  • Alice: "I like to kick in my purple pirate boots! Ha ha!" And then she probably bit some poor kid. #SMAtuS #
  • @HillaryJacques Um. Methinks I don't want to know? in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @QuanLy212 Yeah… The dream was kind of redundant. Which I thought even as I was dreaming it. in reply to QuanLy212 #
  • @HillaryJacques Crazy people? Moose? Flaming hobos? (Is that why they're flaming? or is the glitter?) (Been a long week, if you can't tell) in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Oh goodie! in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Fictional cannon-fodder inspiration? in reply to HillaryJacques #

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