Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • ANYA'S GHOST by Vera Brosgol: A charming little comic about a teenage girl's ghost… problem? opportunity? hallucination? #
  • Ah, pneumonia, what would we do without you? … EVERYTHING. Without coughing uncontrollably + asthma. #SMAtuS #
  • GOLIATH by Scott Westerfeld: The third and final volume. Satisfying conclusion. As always, I love the artwork. (Except for the cover.) #
  • Two or three nights in a row now, Alice has sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to herself at bedtime after I left the room. #SMAtuS #
  • It's official. Max is now registered for kindergarten! #SMAtuS #
  • @thebookmaven What's the word? (Also, you probably have access through your local public library!) in reply to thebookmaven #
  • REAMDE by Neal Stephenson: I'm pretty sure that Linsel and Mason, among others, would quite enjoy this book! #fridayreads #
  • Occupy Wigan Pier: an Op-Ed on the State of Occupy Seattle via @seattlest AKA Read George Orwell! #
  • Me: Alice, why did you wake up so early this morning? Alice, almost laughing: Because, Daddy-dats! #SMAtuS #
  • @HillaryJacques Maybe you're being haunted by the Ghost of Mondays Past? Or perhaps of Future Mondays Yet to Come? in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Enjoy! in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Excellent. (Familiarity with London did help a bit. I've been to some of those neighborhoods…) in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • Another first for Alice: Hot cocoa! Verdict: Awesome! #SMAtuS #
  • Kilburn family outdid itself this year with Darth Vader, Harriet the Spy, pirate, ad Arthur Dent costumes! Go Babelfish! #SMAtuS #

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