Sinking in, twiddling toes in the water

There’s nothing like moving to a new city to throw of one’s sense of rhythm, and like a bobbing doughnut, I’m dancing along just a half-beat along from the great throb of life. I can even feel my heart skipping a beat or two, these days, wanting to tap into that new tap-tappity-tap, but just not quite getting there.

Which is just fine. Really. I mean, it takes a little while to find the grocery store and discover which streets dead-end and which go through to the bottom of the hill and which streets its really best not to have to walk upwards. (The first time I came to Seattle, about 4 years ago, I stalled out 5 or 6 times trying to clutch into first gear from a stop. There’s nothing worse than that acrid burning smell from stalling out one too many times…)

[WHICH, completely unrelated, but it’s too cool for words: the old Hitchhiker’s Guide text adventure game has been graphicalized and put online, thanks to those kindly folks at the BBC.]

Now that I’m solidifying in this new place, having felt a bit wraith-like of late, ghosting about town, lurking on the backs of buses and things, I mean to post to this thing a bit more and perhaps add a bit of changes to the premises. Nothing drastic, mind, but maybe it could use a bit of sprucing.

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