Landing (mostly) on my feet in Seattle

Well, I made it! And the new apartment’s a shambles. But that’s moving for you.

4 thoughts on “Landing (mostly) on my feet in Seattle”

  1. Woohoo!

    Now we get to see each other. {:)}=

    Where are you again, specificly?

    Kitty & I are moving a little further North now; We’ll be up in Lynnwood, a little further North past Lake Washington.

  2. Whee!
    I’m in Fremont. This sweet little two-bedroom with my girlfriend, Sarah.
    But actually, I’m down in Santa Cruz right NOW, having a little bit of a vacation. I’ll definitely get in touch when I get back!

  3. Oooh yeah- Fremont.

    Okay; Then, really, I’m moving further away from you. :(

    But, I’m still within, like, 20 minutes of you.

    I just take Aurora down South a bit, till I hit Woodland Park.

    Look forward to seeing you!

    While you’re in Santa Cruz, pass Joel a hello for me.

    Take care!

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