the previous translated manymany times

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Or There and Back Again

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  1. Ah, that thing is my friend. I always do that at babelfish myself, except without the added bonus of having a thing to automatically go through all the go throughs on its own. And in fact I don’t quite do it that way – I use the languages that translate between one another; so in other words I go from english to french to spanish to german to english, or something. Instead of english to french to english to spanish to english to german. Okay…

    Amp?reheure, this thing is my friend. I always do with babelfish, he without the additional permission that exceeds to have one what, automatic, of all throughs of only goes. And the marks not totally give to the form that felt her – they are exactly useful of the languages, that one that translates among another one; in other words I go to something English-French to the Spanish the GermanEnglish much or. In the English-French place with the English-Spanish with English with the German. IT APPROVES OF….

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