collapsible love dolls

all of these things inspired by a cut-rate slapdash slide to ruin ? or, what other archaeological uncoveries might be required? that countryside rumination was left to wither on the vine. like a popsicle draining out the cavity. (which to be sure, today, there was strawberry then bubblegum all over my tongue, courtesy of the company, bootstraps and all) yup.

hurtling through space, like we are, i?d advise the holding onto of hats, for the most part.

gooey unguents are replacing that cold hard cash? we might come to miss that, with all that sloshing down onto counters and oozing out of registers. will vials and vats and viands be making combacks, or are they merely a flash? a wink and then gone? (and why do i get the feeling that the same words keep cycling through, over and over and over?on top of that, thinking of putting all my words in one archival spot?would that be wise, or should i keep them horded in some dusty shoebox?) cloths papered up the wall and clutched in some kind of? disastrous. cavalcade.

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