Electric Bastionland: Deeper into the Odd by Chris McDowell

Occasionally, I’ll read roleplaying game books. (Far more rarely will I play them.) I can’t speak to the game, but I dig this book’s style. It’s got an Art Deco style that can’t be beat. Dig it:

The whole book is full of the pellmell energy of this running girl, a sort of 19th century Dickensian energy that I can get behind. I look forward to the day when I can sit around the table with some friends, sharing snacks, and playing up some stories together.

2 thoughts on “Electric Bastionland: Deeper into the Odd by Chris McDowell”

  1. Me too. Moving across the continent in the middle of the pandemic and being sick for three months is really cramping my style:)
    Says your favorite homebody:)

    1. Funny! I’m a homebody too. What a weird coincidence!

      Even this homebody is getting a little tired of home though… :)

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