The Fable-Teller Temp Agency

When you sign up with the fable-teller temp agency, they issue you a toga and a pair of sandals (you get the honor of paying for them, natch). Also, an assortment of three to five animals to “listen” to you while you tell your fables. (The dirty little secret is that the animal trainers make easily double, on average, what the contract fable-tellers make.) Unfortunately, most of the time, there’s a real glut of fable-tellers. Just look around. If you see a score of bedraggled folks in togas followed around by weird assortments of animals (sometimes dressed in cute hats and/or vests), chances are good that your town is oversaturated with fable-tellers.

Moral: With so many fable-tellers, you’re better off going to the Sonneteers Agency across the street.

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