The Bacon-Eating Robot

People were super bummed out, because, turns out, everything except for beets and arugula caused cancer. In order to enjoy stuff vicariously, everyone started watching robots eat stuff. The most popular by far was the bacon-eating robot. People just loved that bacon-eating robot. They couldn’t get enough of the (robot eating the) stuff. There were YouTube channels set up for different camera angles on the robot just chewing and chewing and chewing that bacon. Now, it couldn’t be said that the robot was enjoying the bacon, per se, but its programmers had added some audio tracks to simulate enjoyment. MMmmmms and lipsticks and ohmygods and whatnot. There were even localized voice packs so you could hear the robot “enjoying” bacon in your particular dialect of whatever language. Not to mention male and female voice packs. Also kids. One day there was a massive solar flare and it just fried everyone on the planet. That bacon-eating robot kept on eating that bacon, though. A couple millennia later some aliens sure were mystified by that robot, because it seemed to serve no purpose. (It’s science fiction, all right, I don’t know how it ate bacon for so long!)

Moral: If something brings you delight, maybe it’s worth a slightly higher risk of cancer?

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