The Flaming Skull

Once there was a flaming skull (flying). All it wanted to do was be helpful. One time this knitting club got all their yarn knotted up. The flaming skull swooped in and untied all those knots all right! The knitting club dug through the ashes. “Thanks, Flaming Skull…” Another time there was this mountain climber in trouble. Again the flaming skull swooped in. “Thaaaaanks Flaaaaaaming Skuuuu.” That climber would never have any other climbing problems again. Nor opportunities for that matter. Another time, there was this forest fire. The flaming skull did its best, but. “Thanks, Flaming Skull,” all the firefighters said, rubbing ashes on their faces sort of accidentally. “What?” the flaming skull said, “I’m just trying to help!”

Moral: If you’re a flying flaming skull, the best thing you can do is stay well out of it, especially if it involves flammable material.

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