JSON and Medea

JSON was this mighty hero who found this pretty sweet-looking golden fleece. This chick, Medea, totally helped him out a bunch and JSON was totally gonna marry her because they had some kids and stuff. Unfortunately, he liked this other chick better, Creosote or something, which was an appropriate name, considering what happened later. So anyway, JSON was gonna marry Creosote and Medea was like, I’m not mad, see, I got Creosote this sweet wedding dress! Creosote was all, yay! But then she put on the dress, which burst into flame, and fried her (not-literal) bacon. It was a curst dress you see. Anyway, JSON was pretty bummed. Medea was all, I’m out! and flew away in a (literal) sun-chariot. JSON got super old and then his boat fell on him and killed him.

Moral: Invalid JSON has some bad consequences.

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