Memory XXVII

Memory XXVII
I am at a loss:
the future waves its infernal eternal
                     possibilities limitless
every       word       shattering       into       others
         all-things dangling colorfully in the stillness
courage fades away
shades of the past
        crawl over the earth
               stifling hope in its crib
stiff hair bristles on my chin
                    keep away from her
         haven’t you learned your lesson?
       apparently       not  well  enough
              twined sheets wrapt round
these skinny legs
      naked in the middle of the night
              naked in the middle of the street
                      shuffling to the music of the moon

I feel like PastMe came close to some interesting things, but then kind of fucked it up by bringing the personal into it. Also, copy/paste was not my friend here. Messed up the original spacing. Which, at this point, I sort of feel like is an attempt to distract from the weakness of this poem.

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