Memory XII

Memory XII
shouting bold words of arrogance
and there’s a ringing and a confusion
a great gust of terror
and there’s a huge and blackly glowing permanent marker
scrawling words of power upon the wall
he waits with bated breath, agonized
as the scribble begins:
“dalliances make the world go strangerandstrang”
breath sticks in his throat and he ravishes a saltine
but this message is wiped away with an unseen wave
“mr.snout’s gottn out his cage again: beware! beware”
wipey wipey and his nose is beginning to run as he blinks tears of fear
and curls his head to peek in the shadows
has an insatiable curiosity for cuds and green pastures
jagged wheels and step-ladders and stiff cardboard boxes
cherry lozenges and greatgrandmama’s apple sauce.
and so but the marker’s just hovering there right in the air,
poised to do some ineffable damage.
Inspired by Nebuchadnazzer, natch. (OK, I’m pretty impressed with myself that I actually remembered how to spell the dude’s name.) Still somewhat biblical-obsessed back then. It was a time when I yearned for some godlike message to come down, even a terrible one. I’m not looking for that kind of thing anymore, thanks.

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