Some Links (Evasive Echidna Edition)

The sun came out and I drank it up. There’s a swamp in my backyard now. Some people had a good day for the first (well really second) time in weeks, geeze. Sometimes I read so slowly and other times I zoom through books and that’s the end of them. Could almost read this whole book today, but I won’t.

Forget Left/Right. It’s True/False now. It was ever thus.

Photos of people reading books. I could scroll through these all day (and probably will).

Oikeiosis. It’s a Greek word that means something like growing as a person or becoming wiser. This article captures my general philosophy about parenting.

You don’t have to be stuck on Facebook. There are so many other options. This blog post has a good run down of some cool things to try out.

Shades of Solla Sollew! A funny Lovecraft-inspired poem by Simon Bucher-Jones. (Here’s Part 2)

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