Memory IV(a)

Memory IV(a)

the whispy bread-caressing mastodons,
they’d like that now,
with their saucy little hats and withered hairy shanks.
their hair is gnarled and crispy with day-
old teriyaki—not to be imbibed, consumed or masticated.
and these fluffy behemoths,
with their so-too-curvy horns and their thick,
furry pancake feet,
they just gallivant, you know,
poking and prodding and sifting through their
older, archaic folds of time.
pretty soon they’re dead.
and you know no one misses them much.


I have no memory (ha!) of why I called this one IV(a). It doesn’t really seem to have too much to do with IV. If I had to guess, I’d say that this one was a part of IV that I removed, but felt attached to it enough to keep it around. I’m still rather fond of “bread-caressing mastodons”. And elephants generally.

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