Some Links (Elaborating Echidna Edition)

I read some poetry. It was pretty swell. The poetry was pretty well received too. The sun came out. It rained. I read some books. Walked to and fro. Chatted about rocks and Roald Dahl and any old thing.

Apparently, blogging isn’t dead. Good to know. (It’s a pretty good list of currently active blogs, btw.)

I’ve liked every other book that Patrick Stuart has written, so I’m thinking I’ll probably like this one too. (No, not that Patrick Stewart. This Patrick Stuart.)

A simpler time. (This video is bonkers!)

The tee shirts have images. The images are made up of the text of famous novels. Pretty cool.

A massive archive of old X-Men comics covers. I honestly don’t know how they get away with it. They must have some kind of arrangement with Marvel.

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