Some Links (Gregarious Binturong Edition)

Ben Tolman’s got a real MC Escher sorta vibe. I dig it. (Heard about him on the excellent We Eat Art podcast.)

Library custodians used to live in the NY Public Library. This is a delightful little story by this man who grew up in NYPL. Charming.

The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses is an excellent work of literary, biographical, and legal history that digs deep into the impact Ulysses had in the creation of our modern free speech rights.

Bruce Sterling talks at SXSW. Haven’t listened to it yet, but he’s always an interesting listen.

Looks like babies can reason logically much earlier than anyone thought. Neat!

Some Links (Beleaguered Binturong Edition)

Twin Peaks is the Twin Peaks-iest. I thought about reading for a while, but instead I poked around on the internet. I’m reminded that Facebook is the worst. C’mon cosmic mojo! It’s a weird week and it’s only Tuesday (Wednesday?).

I picked up this book, UNIVERSAL HARVESTER, from the library based on this blogpost about it. Which I found by noodling around on the internet.

Counterfeit Monkey. A text adventure game. Sort of like THE PRISONER. Only it’s chockablock full of wordplay and puns. If you’re into that kind of thing.

“Folly is a more dangerous enemy to the good than evil.” The rest of this Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote is worth reading.

No one does worst-case scenarios like science fiction writers. If you want some doom and gloom, Charlie Stross serves up a pretty big dose.

Back in the early aughts, I played this weird puzzle game called THE STONE. Someone’s recreated it entirely here.

Some Links (Unblinking Axolotl Edition)

The smoke blew away in the wind and the rain. No Mary Poppins though. Some people were reading books but I couldn’t quite see the covers. Damn. A lot of hustle and bustle while staying in one place. Some accordion is being played. Somewhere. (I know where.)

Prospect: This SF movie looks pretty great.

This Bowie Book Club podcast predates the #bowiebookclub on Twitter. I’ll get around to listening to some of this eventually.

An article about the language of Easter Island. Can’t get much more esoteric and weird than that!

Powell’s Books staff all do a top five books every year. Here’s 2017. There’s a ton of books! Pretty sure you can find something you’ll like in here.

I’ve been trying out this Mastodon thing a little bit here. It’s interesting. I’m not really sure I understand or if it’ll catch on. But it’s sort of fun noodling around with it. This ones sort of a book chat instance called Bookwitty.

Some Links (Begrudging Axolotl Edition)

Smoke everywhere (or at least nearby). The clocks will be the ruin of us all. Delirious, delicious in the sunshine. Small children trying to defenestrate.

I like every other RPG book Zak Smith has worked on. Probably be buying this one too.

Been thinking about joining one of Portland’s Neighborhood Emergency Teams…

The Tip Off. This looks like a pretty good podcast about (or of?) investigative journalism.

The LeVar Burton Reads podcast is really, really good, yall.

This guy, Shuja Haider, is a pretty smart writer. Worth checking out.

Some Links (Canny Axolotl Edition)

Tweedledee and Tweedledum shouted a lot. Just saying. A new coffee pot makes delicious coffee. Driving all over Hell’s half acre. It’s for a good cause! Shooting up aliens.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). A couple friends swear by this… I don’t know…

“10 Weirdest Science Fiction Novels That You’ve Never Read.” Man, I just can’t resist lists like this. But this does look like a great list of books. All of these books look super bonkers and great.

Standard Ebooks wants to make ebooks great again for the first time, I gather. I wish them well! They’ve got a nice collection of public domain works.

Here’s another Dwarf Fortress thing. It just seems to inspire so much creativity in people.

Bone-Grubber’s Gamble. A fun little writing game for two.

Some Links (Weary Axolotl Edition)

The sun came out. No more tears at the bus stop. All the tiny words just kept looming. Sometimes you hate where you’re from and you want everyone to know. Or maybe you don’t realize, but everyone else does?

I want to get behind this microblog thing, but I’m having a hard time coming up with a use for it…

SHADOWBAHN by Steven Erickson. I love the name of this book. It sounds pretty good too. (nytimes link)

I can get behind this comic , MICHAEL CRAY, where an assassin hunts down evil alternate universe versions of the Justice League.

“Panther’s Rage,” the comic the BLACK PANTHER movie is loosely based on, is pretty good. I’m reading it through the Marvel Unlimited app.

My friend Alex has a radio show on Freeform Portland. He’s put some of his shows up on Mixcloud. Good stuff!

Some Links (Judicious Axolotl Edition)

You know it’s bad, when you’re asking a quasi-stranger at the bus stop for life advice.

Because sometimes you really need to look at some axolotls.

“In the Maze” by Dayna Tortorici. She grapples with what 2016 means for men and women and her personal reaction to it. Feels emotionally honest. Thought-provoking.

Robin Sloan chats with Warren Ellis. (I haven’t read it yet, but it’s bound to be interesting.)

++Speaking of Warren Ellis, his email newsletter is pretty much always worth reading. (Now if only Gmail would stop dumping it in the “Promotions” category.)

It’s a list. But these comics look pretty good. I can vouch for THE GIRL FROM THE OTHER SIDE.

Some Links (Belated Aardvark Edition)

Words, words, words! Water water everywhere, and nary a drop to drink. Etc.

I read THE MAN WHO LOVED CHILDREN (great, alarming book) because of this list. Lot of good stuff here.

TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING. Definitely on my to read list.

Transrealism. I like the name for a literary movement. We’ll see if it picks up steam.

I no longer have any memory of why I started reading about this South African writer, Wilbur Smith. Thanks, past me?

“The Best Things Found Between Pages of Old Books”

Some Links (Befuddled Aardvark Edition)

Sometimes you’re an aardvark, but you think you’re a wombat.

Boy, it sure is good to see RU Sirius still kicking around.

Chess AIs are getting weird. (It’s YouTube.)

Some new, beautiful editions of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy.

Future Fossils podcast. A pretty inspiring conversation with Jamaica Stevens, a woman I’d never heard of, but who’s thinking some Big Thoughts.

These Australian science fiction movies look pretty great.

Some Links (Tangential Aardvark Edition)

A drop in the vast internet ocean.

Ooooh, cool AR stuff.

Voyages in sentence space. Pretty cool procedurally generated “sentence gradients”.

There’s like three cool things on Twitter. #bowiebookclub is one of them.

I dig the aesthetic in this mystery game set in 1924 San Francisco.

How propagandists undermine scientific research/conclusions. It’s good to be aware of this stuff.