Some Links (Unblinking Axolotl Edition)

The smoke blew away in the wind and the rain. No Mary Poppins though. Some people were reading books but I couldn’t quite see the covers. Damn. A lot of hustle and bustle while staying in one place. Some accordion is being played. Somewhere. (I know where.)

Prospect: This SF movie looks pretty great.

This Bowie Book Club podcast predates the #bowiebookclub on Twitter. I’ll get around to listening to some of this eventually.

An article about the language of Easter Island. Can’t get much more esoteric and weird than that!

Powell’s Books staff all do a top five books every year. Here’s 2017. There’s a ton of books! Pretty sure you can find something you’ll like in here.

I’ve been trying out this Mastodon thing a little bit here. It’s interesting. I’m not really sure I understand or if it’ll catch on. But it’s sort of fun noodling around with it. This ones sort of a book chat instance called Bookwitty.

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