Wizards Gotta Wiz

(On second thought, maybe that title doesn’t work so good.)

What’s the collective noun for wizards? Weed? Wadge? Widget? Quabble? Squabble? Drainditch? Wow? Scattering? Makaluke? Hermaneut? I feel like there are a lot of good options. Still, all evidence supports exiting as quickly as possible when you get a bewilderment of wizards in the sanctum. Like, what good could come of all that esoteric knowledge compressed into such a tiny space. Someone’s liable to get turned into a frog or dissipated into a frog. No, when you’ve got a spatch of wizards gloaming about the place, eldritch eyes burning in the gloom, well, I’m not saying that leaping out the window is a good idea, but let’s just say you want to keep that option open. I’m pretty sure wizards feel the same way, veering quickly away from the mere suggestion that a zoom of wizards might be collecting in some place. Like, that invitation to the Wizards Ball is more like an outvitation, am I right? Also, wizards aren’t so keen on lending out their magical grimoires and no one is ever the first to volunteer their home to host a spook of wizards. Also, where do you put all those hats?

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