Drinking in the Mozzarella

(Hey! Why not make a shake out of it? It’s savory and delicious!)

“I ain’t gonna lie: that’s the best sock I’ve ever seen.” That’s what Yuri “Twist-a-Fist” Jamison said, anyhow.

“This one?” I said, holding out my right foot, Hokey Pokey-style.

“Twist-a-Fist” snorted. “Nah, that one blows.”

“This?” Holding out my left foot. “But… but they’re the same sock.” I stared down at my pink  with orange-polka-dotted socks. “They are pretty great.”

“They nothing! That one rocks”–pointing at the left sock–“and that one, argh! Makes me wanna claw my eyeballs out.” Yuri scowled.

“I don’t understand,” I said. “They look the same to me.”

“Yancey,” Yuri shook his head, “you’ve got a lot to learn. A lot to learn.”

I stared at my socks.

Yuri kept shaking his head.

“Socks,” I said.

“Shiiiiiit,” Yuri said. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about, man.”

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