Max’s RPG Setting

Max has been really getting into roleplaying games. So much so, that he’s started coming up with his own worlds. He wanted me to type this up and put it online:

There are two worlds: a fantasy world and a science fiction world. They are at war. They’re fighting about each other’s technology.

Part 1: Science Fiction World Information

The general of the SF world gives every one of his soldiers a mini-teleportation unit that lets them get to the fantasy world. The general of the SF world fights duels with the fantasy general in hyperspace. One wins, another wins, one wins, another wins. They use pickaxes in their duels, because they’re neither SF nor fantasy.

Part 2: Fantasy World Information

The general of the fantasy world gives his trolls and goblins one fairy each for teleporting to the SF world. The troll and goblin weapons are swords, spears, crossbows, bows and arrows. They use tools for weapons. They have very different armor from the SF world. Their armor is leather.

Part 3: SF Combat and Protection

The SF world armor is machinery. Their weapons are guns and laser guns. They have gas masks and spacesuits.

Part 4: Fantasy Creatures

Trolls, goblins, fairies, a little bit of humans, dogs, wolves, animals, griffins, a couple cyclopses.

Part 5: SF Creatures

Mostly aliens and robots plus humans.

Part 6: Fantasy Items

Magical globes, lucky rings, health rings. Potions: poison, strength, sleeping, swiftness, leaping, slowness, healing, fire resistance.

Part 7: SF Items

Medical robots, robot soldiers, spacesuits, flying cars, cigarettes, solo planes, teleportation units, jetpacks.

The Rules

You only play as a soldier, watchman, spy, or idiot.

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